2016 Muskingum County Fair to have Scouting Booth

Registrations cannot be accepted after July 6.

Boys may enter up to three projects. Boys will receive $5.00 for each blue ribbon earned, $2.00 for each red ribbon and $1.50 for each white ribbon.  Boys will receive a wristband for FREE admission to the fair for the entire week. The band is for admission only – rides are not included.  Thank you to Debbie Lovensheimer for spearheadding this effort.

See here for registration details:

Scout 2016 Fair Booth Registration Form

Girls Only – No Boys Allowed!

Tents & TiarasDo the girls ages 6-14 in your family wish they could have as much fun as the boys have at camp?  Now they CAN!  From Aug 5-7th we are having a camping adventure for GIRLS!  It is called Tents & Tiaras and we will be tent camping  at MVSR just like the Venturers, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

Registration deadline is July 5th, in order to ensure all program incentives and supplies are available. More information is here.

Boy Scout Leader Training coming to MVSR this summer.

There will be three adult leader training sessions conducted at MVSR during summer camping season.  We will conduct Boy Scout Leader indoor training on Tuesday, June 28th and Wednesday, July 13th.  The training will be conducted in the Welcome Center from 9am – 5PM.  The participants will be released to join their Troop for lunch in the dining hall.

On Tuesday, July 12th, we will conduct a Merit Badge Counselor training.

Any leader interested in these training sessions should call the service center at          740-453-0571 to register.

2016-2017 Program Calendar Ready!

The time is now, for unit program planning meetings to set the schedule for next year’s action packed Scouting calendar.  To assist your planning, the council now has the program calendar printed and available for pick up by volunteers.  Come get your copy at the Service Center, or pick up enough copies for all your unit leaders.  The council program calendar includes important dates for the Council, Districts, Training, the Order of the Arrow, Activities, special events and more!

Don’t forget that the calendar is also available online at www.mvcbsa.org    Any changes that are required are reflected in the online calendar.  Online, you can click on a specific event and find additional information about the event including fees, start /end times, locations etc…

Pick up your calendar, then schedule your unit annual planning meeting.  We are convinced that a well planned program will attract and retain more youth.  A little planning over the next several months will ensure your unit is ready when the new school year hits.





Saturday, June 4th 2016,    10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Join us on Saturday June 4th, 2016 at MVSR for a full day of fun shooting everything we can get our hands on:

BB Guns

Wrist Rockets

Water bottle Rockets


Sporting Arrows

Model Rockets

and more…..

The program runs from 10AM – 2PM and includes lunch and a patch for your Scout.           Just $15 per family!

Register today!

Thanks to you!

December 31, 2015

Scouting Friends,

2015…WHEW – what a whirlwind!  For the Muskingum Valley Council it was an exciting year full of ‘opportunities’ and challenges but we came out smelling like a rose.  This note is a way of thanking each Scouting volunteer who contributed to our success this year.  Your contributions of leadership, passion, talent and treasure are to be commended!

Thank you Photo cropped

We are serving more youth, and we have invested significantly in the future of Scouting in our Council.  And we did it despite significant changes in the Council Staff.  The craziness began last November when Jay Lockard, our Senior District Executive serving the Arrowhead District received a great career opportunity in Columbus.  Jay joined our staff in 2011 with 4 years’ experience in the Heart of Ohio Council.  That experience had made him much more than a DE.  He took on a great deal of additional responsibilities, including summer camp, our website, and the Order of the Arrow.  We lost a lot of real Scouting talent when Jay left for Columbus.   Next, our Registrar, Jane Payne retired on December 31st.  Jane had become a critical part of the office operation during her 14 years with the council.  We relied on her knowledge of the Scoutnet computer system, and her tenacious work ethic.  Over the years she took on more and more responsibility, becoming the go-to person for any reports, updates, and questions. Then, early in the year, Shawn Dyer, our exceptional DE in the Forest Trails District had an opportunity to move to Columbus and serve the area where he grew up.  Three key staff all gone in less than 6 months.  It was a real shock to the system.

We hired two new DE’s; Jay Shankel and Amanda Wisniewski.  Both had Scouting experience as youth but were brand new to the Scouting profession.  We contracted with Shared Services to take care of registration issues, and hired Molly Andrews to fill in for the rest of Jane’s responsibilities.  Three brand new team members; all learning on the fly.  It was not easy, but they each did exceptionally well.  District Director Jeff Pickett deserves great credit for his help in training our new DE’s and helping them succeed. He also stepped in as staff advisor for summer camp.  Perhaps some of you did not even realize all this change was happening?  To the extent you didn’t notice, it is a compliment to these new team members hard work and quick learning.  To the extent that you did notice; thank you for your patience.

Throughout all this change, we continued to have exceptional programs.  Our Day Camp leaders improved again on an already terrific program.  Our new Camp Director Dominic Lehman led an exceptional summer camp staff to produce one of our best summers ever.  The Shoot-o-ree was well-attended and we added three great new programs in early August; MVSX was a four day 50 mile canoe trek, the Power Program saw Scouts touring the AEP plant, the nearby ethanol plant and a local oil well, and we introduced a new program for girls only – Tents & Tiaras.

This fall, new youth recruiting went well and we have grown in membership.  Overall popcorn sales increased 8%.  Both of these achievements reflect well upon the quality of program your units are providing.

Thanks to our ongoing capital campaign, we were able to invest $500,000 in the dining hall expansion at Camp.  The energy in the new building this summer was incredible.  Having the entire camp under one roof created a level of energy we haven’t seen in years.  We have also added $125,000 to our endowment fund, and we begin construction of the ‘Silver Beaver’ Lodge and cabins this fall.

Thanks, in part to a grant from the Rogge Foundation, we held several exceptional events on the grounds at the Council Service Center.  Hundreds gathered for our Fourth of July Family Funfest, and hundreds more joined us for our ‘Zane Grey Wild West Family Fun Day in September.

At this moment, it appears that your Muskingum Valley Council will end the year with the highest Journey to Excellence scores of all the 12 council’s in our area.   That is an incredible achievement – especially considering the tremendous changes we have experienced.  Each of you can feel proud to serve in one of the best councils in the nation – you helped make it great!

Of course, all this change did not come without a cost.  Staff vacancies early in the year and so many new staff learning their jobs, left us short in our fundraising efforts.  As a result, we are still in need of about $5,000 to balance the books.  Any last minute gifts you can spare will be a great help and we can accept gifts for 2015 for another week or so until we close the books.  It would be great to end the year in the black.

Thank you all for everything you have done to help us be successful this year.  Rest assured that 2016 is shaping up to be another great year as well.


Ed Mulholland, Scout Executive

Ham Radio and JOTA

Did you know that our council has an Amateur Radio club? It is open to all youth and adult members of the Muskingum Valley Council and the BSA. If you are interested in Amateur Radio or want to find out what it is, contact Matthew Murphy at kc8bew@gmail.com