Popcorn – Highlights of Michael Beck Training

Micheal Beck kept Unit Kernels captivated with his high-energy, inspirational presentation style.  More important, Units left with new insights on how to turn the popcorn sale into the engine of great program all year long.

He started by explaining his passion for the sale.   He told of his first time out selling with young Cub Scouts and how inspired he was by how quickly they gained self confidence and how their fear of speaking in public disappeared.  The personal growth that occurs in a young man who is taught the right methods of selling is priceless.

He reiterated, many times, the simple approach language every Scout should use: “Excuse me, sir! My name is (first name only).  I’m a Scout with Pack/Troop  __#___ in (city or town).  We are earning our way to summer camp.  You can help us by trying some of our DEEEElicious popcorn.  You will help us won’t you?”

At one point, Beck stopped his presentation to say: “Selling Popcorn is a privilege.  The council assumes all the risk, and handles all the administration of the sale so that units can maximize their profit.  It’s win,win, win, all the way around”

Click here to review the Popcorn Sale Guide


FUN 101!

Do you really know how to make a Pack meeting sizzle? Are you struggling to improve parent involvement? Does your Pack even have regular Pack meetings? Muskingum Valley Council has a great opportunity for you, and ALL of your Pack Leadership…

FUN 101!  

The best and brightest of the Council Cub Scouting program have come together to offer a FREE, HANDS-ON, training event focused specifically on the Pack meeting. You will learn, as a “Den”, ways to have FUN while making your Pack meeting the highlight of each month.

Things like: FUN ceremonies, FUN songs, FUN crafts, FUN games, FUN parent involvement!

Is your Pack on a budget? Is your time stressed? Who’s isn’t? Come see how a little extra FUN can help.  You really need this exciting training opportunity;

Saturday, September 20th from 10 am – Noon!

                  IBEW Hall, 5805 Frazeysburg Road, Zanesville, OH.


Nightmare Challenge will support Scouting!


Click the link and start getting excited about the Nightmare Challenge!  September 6th, just North of Zanesville at the Nightmare in Nashport – Trail of Terror.  Proceeds from this giant mud-run will benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Muskingum Valley Council Boy Scouts of America.

Register to run at the link above, or, if your unit would like to help marshal the event, contact the Council Service Center.  We’ll need about 50  youth and adults along the trail and at the obstacles.  This promises to be a ‘Frightfully Fun’ event  - don’t miss it!

Fall Leadership Inventory



Do you know who will be taking the new Tiger Cub Den as a leader? Do you know who will be Mentoring the new Second Year Webelo Den? These questions can be answered or start the process of being answered by filling out the Fall Leadership Inventory Form and submitting it to you Commissioner or Unit Serving Executive. Please click HERE for the form!

Support the Raymond Nicholson II Eagle Scout scholarship.

These are the patches that were made for Ray Nicholson’s scholarship. $10 each.  Ray earned his Eagle Scout right here in the Muskingum Valley Council.  The Scholarship is a great way to honor Ray’s life and accomplishments while supporting current and future Scouts. All proceeds go directly to the scholarship account.  They are available at the Council office and at Fink’s where Ray worked.

These are the patches that were made for Ray's scholarship. $10 each. All proceeds go directly to the scholarship account. I have 50 of them.  They are also at the Council office and will be at Ray's benefit later this month.